Ried Käferberg 1. ÖTW
Grüner Veltliner |vintage set 2011 - 16 | 6 x 0,75L bottles
247,80 EUR
55,07 EUR / L

Ried Käferberg 1. ÖTW
Grüner Veltliner |vintage set 2011 - 16 | 6 x 0,75L bottles

Ried Käferberg 1. ÖTW
Grüner Veltliner |vintage set 2011 - 16 |
6 x 0,75L bottles
247,80 EUR55,07 EUR / L

Gratis Versand

consists of the following wines:

Grüner Veltliner Käferberg 2011, 1. ÖTW

Ripe, rich aromas with generous vanilla and pronounced yellow fruit notes; also candied grapes, vanilla sugar, sugar frosting, sweet and smooth, seductive,sweet fruitiness, opulent. Bountiful expression from the beginning and includes more vanilla; full-bodied, impressive and has very good length.

Grüner Veltliner Käferberg 2012, 1. ÖTW

Rich, mature nose, quite creamy and chubby, pome fruit, quince jelly, sweet oak, cereals, and dark spice, cloves, still embryonic. Glaze and creamy at the same time, powerful performance, vanilla with yellow fruit, dignified maturity, solid, semi-dry, yet quite challenging, bundled, long finish, needs patience.

Grüner Veltliner Käferberg 2013, 1. ÖTW

Creamy wealthy scent, some vanilla and marzipan, lokum and a hint of candied pears, balanced, subtle wood, good ground; juicy, plump, beautiful abundance, little sweet spices, marzipan and pears, little acid thrust in the finish, structuring herb, some power, firm.

Grüner Veltliner Käferberg 2014, 1. ÖTW

At first a bit shy but at the same time elegant, discreetly aromatic nose, stone fruit, touch of vanilla and almonds, fine-creamy notes, little muesli; juicy, great fruit bloom, good substance, rather powerful, elegant but well structured, juicy bite, fairly long finish, notable vintage representative.

Grüner Veltliner Käferberg 2015, 1. ÖTW

Dense, elegant, radiant and yet powerful. Complex with notes of dark spices, ripe apple, rhubarb and red pepper colour the profile; juicy and full-bodied with a clear-focused palate. Combines a robust acidity backbone with firm power. Exudes a soft and yellow fruitiness.

Grüner Veltliner Käferberg 2016, 1. ÖTW

Finely chiselled and precise. The most elegant Käferberg in recent years. Bundles its strength and density in a compact but light-footed texture. Dark spicy. Cool, ripe and crystal clear pome fruit aromas. The acid gives direction to the wine. Good pressure on the palate. Harmonious and juicy in the finish.

247,80 EUR55,07 EUR / L

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It is nice to imagine that where our Veltliner vines are growing now - was once a great sea. That was 16 million years ago, but the traces can still be detected today. Under thick clay soils is the shell limestone that forms the foundation for the roots of our vines. And sometimes fossils can be found The terraces of the Käferberg are protected from the northern winds as they face towards the south.

Although the summer sun here can be relentless, the grapes actually ripen slowly due to the fresh, cool nights - and thus supplement their dense consistency also in warm years with an invigorating, structured acidity.

The location

You'll find fingerprints from several geological eras on the Käferberg. About 350 million years ago, crystalline rocks were formed – and these constitute the foundation of many of the vineyards today.

However, the waves of the primeval Parathetys Sea broke on the slopes around 16 million years ago, depositing sand, pebbles, clay and especially shell limestone in its soils. A few million years later, loess also settled over the geological mosaic; blown over from the Alpine region, it often formed impressive walls of the hollows in the Käferberg.

Lage Käferberg 765

The ground

Our Grüner Veltliner vines are rooted mainly in shell limestone, which is coverd by a thick layer of clay. This, together with the south-facing orientation and the altitude of the vineyards, is responsible for the distinctive texture and lively acidity that are inherent in the Veltliner from the Käferberg, even in warm years.

Bodenmonolith Käferberg