Ried Loiserberg 1. ÖTW
Riesling 2021 | 0,75L
17,80 EUR
23,73 EUR / L

Ried Loiserberg 1. ÖTW
Riesling 2021 | 0,75L

Ried Loiserberg 1. ÖTW
2021 | 0,75L
17,80 EUR23,73 EUR / L

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Light and inviting stone fruit notes paired with a tobacco-herbal aroma. Floral traces. Compact and balanced. Combines firmness with strength and depth with drinking flow and also scores with a slightly earthy minerality. Applies pressure until the end and flows dynamically, vertically and without dangling over the palate.

Pairs well
Appetizer Salad, Antipasta, beef or rabbit in aspic
Origin Loiserberg, Kamptal
Grape variety Riesling
Dekantierzeit 1h Decanting time
Trinktemperatur 9-11°C Drinking temperature
certified organic Certified organic
Vegan Vegan
Residual sugar
3,0 g/l
7,0 g/l
Screw cap
17,80 EUR23,73 EUR / L

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The first thing that strikes you when you stand at the top of the Loiserberg is its meagre, rocky soil. It consists almost exclusively of Gföhler gneiss, covered only by a shallow layer of humus. Our Riesling vines are growing at an altitude of 380 metres; there is no higher point around Langenlois. And you can feel this in every sip. Although the vines look to the sun all day long, they are properly cooled as soon as twilight falls over the vineyards. As a result, full ripeness always arrives in late October, when the grapes have  crystal-clear aromatics and immense vitality.

The location

Altitude means everything at the Loiserberg. If you are at the crest of the hill, where our largest parcel is located, you’ll soon feel that the conditions here are quite different from those down below. Although our vineyard lies under the sun almost all day long, its power is relativised by the altitude and the wind that whistles through the vines.

Riesling also benefits from the climatic conditions mentioned earlier. Sun and dryness in combination with nocturnal cooling allow the grapes to ripen slowly. And finally, when it’s the right time to harvest, theres an ideal balance of precise aromas, energy and acidity structure.

Lage Loiserberg 764

The ground

The Loiserberg is Riesling territory. The geological conditions are demanding, but they’re also perfect. Riesling delivers its best results in stony and meagre areas, with most of the vines rooted in pure rock - gneiss and mica schist - which in some spots rise to the surface and are otherwise covered by a thin layer of humus.

Loiserberg Bodenaufbau

All Facts

OriginLoiserberg, Kamptal
Grape varietyRiesling
Grapes planted
Grapes hand-picked
Maceration50% with stems over night
Pressingwhole bunch, 5 hours
Alcoholic fermentationspontaneous | wild yeasts
Malolactic fermentation (BSA)Yes
Maturation12 months on the fine lees in stainless steel tanks
Residual Sugar3,0 g/l
Acidity7,0 g/l
Container ClosureScrew cap
Decanting time1h
Drinking temperature9-11°C
Glass typeUniversal glass
Certified organic Certified organic
Vegan Vegan
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