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Terrace Wines

Our Grüner Veltliner Steingarten and our two Rieslings Loiserberg and Belle Fleur receive the same attention in the vineyard and cellar as our terroir wines. The maturation time on the lees, however, is only six to ten months and takes place entirely in stainless steel tanks.

Ried Loiserberg 1. ÖTW

2021 | 0,75L
Flasche Riesling Loiserberg
17,80 EUR
23,73 EUR / L

Belle Fleur

2020 | 0,75L
RR Belle Fleur
22,80 EUR
30,40 EUR / L

Terroir Wines

More time means more character, depth and terroir. Our Erste Lage wines and the wines of the Purus series are for at least 20 months in wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks. There, they stay on the lees all the time, before they are bottled and mature for at least another 16 months in the bottle.


2016 | 0,75L
Riesling Purus 2016
sold out

Käferberg 1. ÖTW

Grüner Veltliner
2016 | 0,75L
GV Käferberg 2016
sold out

Steinmassl 1. ÖTW

2016 | 0,75L
RR Steinmassl
39,80 EUR
53,07 EUR / L

Heiligenstein 1. ÖTW

2016 | 0,75L
RR Heiligenstein
75,80 EUR
101,07 EUR / L

Seeberg 1. ÖTW

2016 | 0,75L
RR Seeberg
49,80 EUR
66,40 EUR / L

Ried Schenkenbichl 1. ÖTW

Grüner Veltliner
2016 | 0,75L
GV Schenkenbichl
sold out

How We Drink Our Wines

We take care of each one of our grapevines individually. We pick the grapes by hand, mature the wines in suitable barrels, and store them often for years in a temperature-perfect cellar. Eventually, though, the day will come for the wines to fly - and they will have a new owner: You.  And therefore, while we certainly wouldn’t want to interfere in your affairs in a schoolmasterly way, we still would like to give you some valuable recommendations based on what we’ve learned from time and experience.

  • Our wines develop with air. Ideally, you would open our terrace wines one hour before you enjoy them. For our terroir wines, decanting is recommended.
  • The perfect drinking temperature is 9-11°C for the terrace wines and 12-14°C for the terroir wines.
  •  The optimal glass for the terrace wines is the universal or standard glass; for the terroir wines, a Burgundy glass would be ideal.

Our wines are always ready to drink when released. This means that they provide pleasure right from the very first second - but that doesnt mean they cannot develop over many more years to come.

We believe, that a little bit more time in our cellar brings more pleasure and taste in your glasses.

Perfect Maturity

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