Ried Käferberg
Grüner Veltliner 2018 | 0,75L
48,80 EUR
65,07 EUR / L

Ried Käferberg
Grüner Veltliner 2018 | 0,75L

Ried Käferberg
Grüner Veltliner
2018 | 0,75L
48,80 EUR65,07 EUR / L

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Expressive, deep, profound. Ripe, clear, rather light fruit aromas - yellow apples, vineyard peach - slightly smoky, spicy, legumes. Is a long calm flow on the palate. Has substance and isn't afraid to show it. At the same time, it also has the necessary energy to embed it in a harmonious and balanced structure. Ends velvety and layered.

Pairs well
Fried freshwater fish and beef stews
Origin Käferberg, Kamptal
Grape variety Grüner Veltliner
Dekantierzeit 3h Decanting time
Trinktemperatur 12-14°C Drinking temperature
Vegan Vegan
Residual sugar
4,5 g/l
5,5 g/l
Natural cork
48,80 EUR65,07 EUR / L

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It is nice to imagine that where our Veltliner vines are growing now - was once a great sea. That was 16 million years ago, but the traces can still be detected today. Under thick clay soils is the shell limestone that forms the foundation for the roots of our vines. And sometimes fossils can be found The terraces of the Käferberg are protected from the northern winds as they face towards the south.

Although the summer sun here can be relentless, the grapes actually ripen slowly due to the fresh, cool nights - and thus supplement their dense consistency also in warm years with an invigorating, structured acidity.

The location

You'll find fingerprints from several geological eras on the Käferberg. About 350 million years ago, crystalline rocks were formed – and these constitute the foundation of many of the vineyards today.

However, the waves of the primeval Parathetys Sea broke on the slopes around 16 million years ago, depositing sand, pebbles, clay and especially shell limestone in its soils. A few million years later, loess also settled over the geological mosaic; blown over from the Alpine region, it often formed impressive walls of the hollows in the Käferberg.

Lage Käferberg 766

The ground

Our Grüner Veltliner vines are rooted mainly in shell limestone, which is coverd by a thick layer of clay. This, together with the south-facing orientation and the altitude of the vineyards, is responsible for the distinctive texture and lively acidity that are inherent in the Veltliner from the Käferberg, even in warm years.

Bodenmonolith Käferberg

All Facts

OriginKäferberg, Kamptal
Grape varietyGrüner Veltliner
Grapes planted
Cultivationconversion to organic farming since 2017
Grapes hand-picked
Macerationskin contact plus stems over night
Pressingwhole bunch, 5 hours
Alcoholic fermentationspontaneous | wild yeasts
Malolactic fermentation (BSA)Yes
Maturation36 months on the fine lees in big oak barrels
Residual Sugar4,5 g/l
Acidity5,5 g/l
Container ClosureNatural cork
Decanting time3h
Drinking temperature12-14°C
Glass typeBurgundy glass
Vegan Vegan
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