Ried Seeberg 1. ÖTW
Riesling 2018 | 0,75L
48,80 EUR
65,07 EUR / L

Ried Seeberg 1. ÖTW
Riesling 2018 | 0,75L

Ried Seeberg 1. ÖTW
2018 | 0,75L
48,80 EUR65,07 EUR / L

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Powerful, dynamic, elegant. Offers fine citrus notes, herbs and stony-cool nuances in the nose. Some stone fruit only joins in over time, although this remains discreetly in the background. Appears powerful and focused. Straightforwardness and temperament characterize its structure. Despite its agility, it is always balanced and expressive, clear and juicy on the palate.

Pairs well
Mushrooms, pasta in saffron, wildfowl, duck, grilled fish
Origin Seeberg, Kamptal
Grape variety Riesling
Dekantierzeit 3h Decanting time
Trinktemperatur 12-14°C Drinking temperature
Vegan Vegan
Residual sugar
4,0 g/l
6,0 g/l
Natural cork
48,80 EUR65,07 EUR / L

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I like being on the Seeberg. Up on the plateau, at over 300 meters, where the summer sun shines from early morning until late in the evening.  Here is where the continuously blowing wind has the last word. I like the vines that are deeply rooted in the soil – they’re even older than me.
Cultivating the vineyards is somewhat easier on the Seeberg than on the Heiligenstein or Steinmassl. The soils here are deeper and, due to their advanced age, the vines find their natural balance more easily. The intense sunlight, however, requires careful canopy management and a perfectly executed harvest time, when there’s an optimal balance of sugar and acidity.

The location

The Seeberg lies directly across from the Heiligenstein. In both vineyard sites there is, almost without exception, Riesling. There may be only about one kilometer between their terraces, yet the two are as far apart in geological and sensory terms than as if they were in different hemispheres.
The vines on the Seeberg are south-facing. There is no lack of light and sun here, yet the harvest is usually late in the season. This is a result of the continuously blowing north wind, which provides a cooling counterpoint in the vineyards and keeps the acidity and tension high in the grapes.

Lage Seeberg 159

The ground

The desert sandstone that dominates the Heiligenstein today is no longer found in the Seeberg; instead, there is garnet mica schist, some of which is permeated by amphibole-rich veins.  The subsoil is crumbly and porous, allowing the vines to root deeply and obtain their nutrients and minerals from the depths of the hill.

Seeberg Boden

All Facts

OriginSeeberg, Kamptal
Grape varietyRiesling
Grapes planted
Cultivationconversion to organic farming since 2017
Grapes hand-picked
Macerationover night, cold maceration at 4° C
Pressingwhole bunch, 2,5 hours
Alcoholic fermentationspontaneous | wild yeasts
Malolactic fermentation (BSA)Yes
Maturation36 months on the fine lees in big oak barrels
Residual Sugar4,0 g/l
Acidity6,0 g/l
Container ClosureNatural cork
Decanting time3h
Drinking temperature12-14°C
Glass typeBurgundy glass
Vegan Vegan
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