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Pét Nat stands for pétillant naturel, which simply means "naturally bubbly" in German. Although a recent phenomenon, Pét Nats are actually the product of a traditional way of producing sparkling wine. In a few words, the must is fermented and then bottled, encapsulated and fully fermented. Since the CO2 produced during fermentation can no longer escape, carbonic acid is formed naturally.

Pét Nat Rosé is made entirely from Zweigelt grapes, all of which grow in vineyards around Langenlois.

The grapes for Pét Nat Grüner Veltliner come from different locations around Langenlois.


Harvesting and processing

We harvested the Grüner Veltliner grapes by hand on September 12th and stomped the grapes by feet. The mash was pressed after about 24 hours and fermented spontaneously without being fined.

The Zweigelt grapes for the Rosé were harvested about 1 week earlier. We also left 50% of the grapes on the mash overnight and pressed the remaining 50% immediately. Fermentation was also started spontaneously for these batches.


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Bottling and final fermentation

Absolute sensitivity is required not only when harvesting, but also when bottling. It is important to fill the still fermenting must with the appropriate residual sugar content. We filled the must with the corresponding residual sugar in the bottle. Unfined and unfiltered. From now on we take the "passenger seat" and can only watch how the residual sugar is converted into alcohol. Both Pét Nats are perfectly dry, as we hoped.

From the beginning, we wanted to make Pet Nats with a lot of CO2. The CO2 produced during the fermentation protects on the one hand against oxidation and on the other hand is extremely fun to drink.



The Pét Nats are disgorged shortly before we start selling. The yeast depot, which is located in the bottle neck, is cooled down strongly at the beginning of this process. Then the bottle is opened and the yeast deposit and the tartar can escape in one piece. The loss of fluid is replenished with sparkling wine from opened bottles and then closed with cork and agraffe (wire baskets).

Our Pét Nats are unfined, unfiltered and have no added sulphur. Totally natural for a great drinking pleasure. Whether for hearty snacks or fresh sushi, Pét Nats are versatile food companions.


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Pét Nat Grüner Veltliner á EUR 18,80

Flowers, yellow fruits and fresh herbs. The perlage is lively, the acidity supports, but remains in the background. Has a fine fruit sweetness, but is still uncompromisingly dry on the palate. Sounds herbaceous and dynamic and is fun from the first second.

Pét Nat Rosé á EUR 18,80

Clear and precise, borne by cool red berry fruit and fine floral notes. Firm and straight on the palate. Dust dry, casual and totally straight forward. Instead, mineral notes complement the subtle fruit aromas. The acidity is gripping, the finish powerful and dynamic. Certainly looks great in two or three years.



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Champagne closure for free!

With 6 bottles of Pét Nat we deliver a high value champagne closure for free.

We have 3 different Pét Nat sets ready for you: 

6 x Pét Nat Grüner Veltliner

6 x Pét Nat Rosé

3 x Pét Nat Grüner Veltliner + 3 x Pét Nat Rosé


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